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reiki therapy – angel therapy – meditation techniques

Reiki Therapy

Is an old method of alternative healing. How and why can it help you?

Angel Therapy

Is a high-frequency method of spiritual healing. What are the benefits?

Meditation Techniques

Learn meditation techniques and be your own healer.


Many times in our lives we experience hard times such as worries, feelings of disappointment, sadness, depression or painful loss of a close person. Occasionally, however, an incomprehensible situation will bring us to our knees, or literally get us out of ordinary life. During such times we become helpless and most of us ask ourselves: Why me? Why did that happen to me?

Have you ever thought that this moment has not come just by chance? Or that he does not want to tell me something, direct me, or change and move me somewhere further, out of a stagnant situation or wrong steps? What if the right time has come now to make the necessary change for the better?

The first step in this change is to recognize the “higher light” and its influence on us, to understand our own sense of life and to be open to new information and facts.


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They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol

What People Are Saying

My mind used to be foggy but a year of meditation has cleared the fog. Now I can think clearly, I know what I want and I can go for it! I have become confident of myself.


I have been meditating consistently for a month. The tension in my body and headaches disappeared and now my blood pressure is under control. I even sleep better!


Meditation refreshes me and calms me. When I come out of meditation I feel joyful and peaceful. I am now a happier person. Many people have noticed the difference in me.