The word akashic is Sanskrit, and it means primary or primordial God-substance out of which everything is made. Everything is energy and every situation creates energy. Therefore the Akashic record contains an energetic imprint or record of everything that has ever been created and every event that has ever taken place. You can call it an electromagnetic imprint of everything that has ever happened in the universe or a vibrational filing system where every thought, word, emotion, action generated during a lifetime are recorded.

The Akashic record is known as The Book of Remembrance in The Torah and The Book of Life in the Bible. Other cultures and religions have names for the record too.

Humans are souls that live in bodies. The bodies come and go but the souls live forever, taking and discarding bodies many times since the beginning. That means you have spent many lifetimes here on earth, and there is a record of each lifetime in the Akashic record. The good thing is that the Akashic record is accessible! At one time the record was only accessible to seers, saints and highly evolved people who could be trusted with such high level information. Now more and more people are awakening and more of us can access the Akashic Record responsibly.

There are well-known people in the past who were known to be familiar with the Akashic record. Edgar Cayce, the American sleeping prophet (1877-1945) used to access the records by going into a trance and then relaying a lot of spiritual wisdom that humans can use. Madam Blavatsky (1831-1891), of the Theosophical Society called the record “An indestructible tablets of the astral light“ that record the past and future of human thought and action. Many others referred to the records.

The Akashic record is what the seers read when they give you a reading or a prophesy. Sometimes you visit it in your dreams and come back with valuable information.

How the Akashic Records Can Be Accessed

The Akashic records can be accessed in various ways. Some people will visit the records in a dream and come back with fantastic information that is quite surprising for others. Other people can do it through trance channeling, or meditation, or sacred prayers or breathing techniques. Some even do it through astral projection. Once your brainwave is in the right vibrational frequency you can access the Akashic records.

You Can Heal Your Life Using the Akashic Records

We all have a particular problem that never seems to go away. It can be inability to stay in a relationship, or a pain in a certain part of the body that never goes away, or a certain genetic weakness, or an inability to make money or a tendency to get fired or a certain behavior tendency like drinking too much alcohol or a phobia. You have yours, and I have mine. You can ignore the problem and live with it. You can also attend self-help classes and read a lot of books and still the problem does not go away. You can also just accept that this is your fate. There is another approach that you can try.

You see, your life is not happening haphazardly and the obstacles that you face in particular situations are there for a reason. What you need to do is to understand what is happening and why it is happening and why there is resistance in some areas. You can get that understanding by accessing your Akashic records where you will understand the “what” and the “why” of your current life. You will also understand the purpose of your current life and why there is resistance in some areas or you have certain behavior traits that you do not like. You will also understand that certain things were “inherited” from one of your past lives.

When you approach a seer for help with certain patterns and problems in your life, the seer will access your Akashic record. Because it is the library of all your lifetimes, it contains information about your current life and your past lives. You will get information about your current life by asking a lot of questions. When it comes to your past lives, do not dwell much on who you were in a particular lifetime. Squeeze out the wisdom that you can gain from the experiences of your past lives and learn your current life purpose, what lessons you still need to learn or what skills you need to activate in the current life that you had in a previous lifetime.

Information is power. When you access your Akashic record you are empowered with the right knowledge that you can use to create change to remove self-limiting beliefs, to improve relationships and to embrace peace and love. Apply the information that you get from the reading to your current life. It is not enough to inquire and get a reading because this can become a habit. Take the right action so that you can heal whatever situation is bothering you or is keeping you back in your life. When certain changes begin to happen, do not resist them. Let go of toxic relationships or if certain relationships break down on their own, do not fight the change. Embrace the new things and new people that come into your life.

When you take action after accessing the Akashic records, everything falls into place. You will wake up as from a dream, and realize that finally all is well.

You Can Learn How to Access Your Akashic Record

At some point you will want to learn how to access your own Akashic records. Learning how to access your Akashic record is very empowering. Also, once you learn how to do it, you can help other people to access theirs by giving readings.

To read your own record you do not need to access the whole universal record because you carry your own record with you which makes it easier to access. You need the ability to focus and allow thoughts and feelings to come to you. You should also be willing to accept what you learn from your records even if it is disturbing, because most likely that disturbing information is what you need to solve your current problems or at least to understand them. Most importantly be respectful and responsible.
Do not access the records to satisfy mere curiosity because you will be blocked.

If you are really keen to read your own records, get some training so that you get the right guidance. If you do it on your own you may succeed but you might just become frustrated and give up.

The Akashic record can definitely be empowering though some information can be shocking.

It is one of the best ways of healing your life right now by knowing the root cause of your current problems. Whether you choose to access it yourself or to consult a seer, the information is empowering if it is wisely used to bring change in your life.