If you live in an apartment, space is a huge limitation. You have to consider letting go of your favorite pet if it has huge paws and long legs and look for an apartment friendly dog.

There are questions that you have to ask yourself. For example:

  • Can it get sufficient exercise?
  • Can I carry it up and down the elevator or steps?
  • Can I keep up with a dog that requires a lot of exercise?
  • Is the coat high maintenance? Does the coat shed a lot?
  • Is the dog going to bark a lot and disturb the neighbors?
  • Will my pet be friendly to other people and pets? Is it easy to house train?

Below are the 12 best apartment dogs that you can consider getting:

1.      Are Chihuahuas Good Apartment Dogs?

The chihuahua is one of the perfect apartment dogs because it is feisty (which makes it interesting), tiny (anyone can carry it around) and sweet. The chihuahua does not need a lot of exercise so if you are too tired after a long day at work and you do not feel like going out for a walk, your little friend will not mind. The chihuahua is quite happy in a household that has a mix of adults, children and other pets. It craves attention though, so be prepared to spoil it and to form a very close bond.

apartment dog - hihuahua

2.      The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The small space in an apartment is perfect for this dog because it loves to stay close to its owner and even gets attached to him/her because it craves attention. So be prepared to give it belly rubs regularly. It is well known for good behavior and for being affectionate with people and other pets. To minimize shedding, brush it down every week. Also this dog needs a lot of exercise so be prepared to take regular walks in the park. The only downside is that it is hard to train but plenty of time outside and positive reinforcement help.


3.      Pug is a Perfect Apartment Companion

The pug is a small, quiet, even tempered, loyal and inactive pet. It is curious and requires time to explore the area so make sure you take it for regular walks. Once you return to your apartment and you need a break the pug is happy to lay down with you. The pug gets along with adults and children and it adapts very well to the presence of other pets in the apartment. It has a deep need to stay close to its owner and dislikes being alone.

Apartment Dogs - Pug

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4.      Maltese is Also Good for the Apartment

When considering apartment dogs, think of the Maltese, a perfect companion for the apartment. It does not shed so your roommate will not complain about pet hair. It is very affectionate but it tends to suffer from separation anxiety. So, it is an ideal pet for a household in which someone is always home.

Apartment Dogs - MALTESE

5.      Basenji is Small and Quiet

The Basenji is a very small animal, reaching a height of 18 inches and weight of 25 pounds only. It does not bark, it yodels, so you will not have complaints from your neighbors. It grooms itself like a cat. It is a very loyal and protective dog. It is quite curious which makes it prone to escape. To stop it from escaping make it feel secure and make sure it gets vigorous exercise daily. Do not leave it unattended for long periods of time because it can be mischievous.

Apartment Dogs - Basenji

6.      Choose the Spaniel for Your Apartment

There are a number of breeds that fall under the name “spaniel”. They are all small with remarkably long full ears as well as abundant, beautiful waved hair which contributes to their beauty. They are quite intelligent, affectionate and obedient which make them favorite companions. They are some of the best apartment dogs around.

Apartment Dogs - Spaniel

7.      Bichon Frise Craves Attention

The Bichon Frise is super furry and quite small, the tallest being just over a foot so it will not overwhelm your limited space. It used to be a circus dog because it loves attention so if you get this one make sure you give it lots of attention. It is gentle, energetic and playful so it is ideal for family life. It needs daily exercise, so make sure someone takes it out daily. The Bichon Frise sheds less than other breeds making it easy to leave close to people who have allergies.

Apartment Dogs - Bichon

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8.      The Bulldog is a Great Choice Too

The bulldog is very small and hardly ever grow taller than 18 inches. It is considered to be very lazy so it needs just a quick walk outside to keep it happy. So, if you are tired at the end of your day you have no pressure to go and exercise much. When evaluating apartment dogs, include the bulldog too.

Apartment dogs - Bulldog

9.      Pekingese for Your Apartment?

The Pekingese makes a great apartment dog because of its small size. It is affectionate and requires plenty of affection and attention from the owner. If you decide on this breed be prepared to give it a lot of attention. It tends to bark at strangers so train it early not to do that. It prefers being the only dog in the house but it can be trained to accept the presence of other pets.

Apartment Dogs - PEKINGESE

10. Coton de Tulear

The Coton is ideal for small apartment life because it is small, has an easy to care for coat, and is very friendly to humans and other animals. It needs little exercise, loves to go for walks and enjoys to play fetch. It will not suffer if you leave it indoors all day while at work.

 Apartment dogs- COTON DE TULEAR

11. You will Love the Brabant Griffon

This is a tiny dog with a big personality. It is known for challenging larger dogs. It is quite lively, very active inside the house and very cheerful so you never get bored when you get this furry friend. It needs very little exercise outside the house which suits lazy people quite well.

Apartment dogs - Brabant Griffon

12. Dwarf Poodle: The Popular Apartment Dog

The Dwarf Poodle is one of several poodle breeds, with a height between 11” and 14” (28cm and 35cm). The poodle is known for being high standard companion dog and it is the most popular breed in the US. It is intelligent and can quickly learn and do a lot of tricks. It is very social and playful and likes being close to its family. It does not shed which makes it easy for roommates in the apartment.

Apartment dogs - Dwarf Poodle

If you have moved into an apartment and you are looking for a furry companion, you will be spoiled for choice. Simply consider your personality and your time factor and choose a dog that suits you.