Good health is everybody’s business so any plant used for the medical purpose is a great discovery. Studies show that the flowers. Fruits, leaves, and seeds of this plant can be used for treatment. Discovering the benefits of Sea Buckthorn is an important contribution to medicine for it has the potency to treat a number of bodily ailments.

What is sea buckthorn?

This medicinal plant is a native shrub native from China and areas around Europe that has many healing compounds, as well as, nutrients that are teeming with amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins used in treating arthritis – inflammation of the joint, gout – a form of arthritis, skin rashes and stomach ulcer.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn for good health

  1. Sea buckthorn tea leaves

They are rich source of antioxidant, fatty oils & minerals, protein building blocks (amino acids) and vitamins that improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol. As an immunity booster, drinking the tea prevents and controls blood vessel diseases.

  1. Oil from the seed of berries from buckthorn 

This is an effective expectorant to loosen phlegm; it is great for the treating of asthma – a chronic disease of the airway, heart ailments including angina or chest pain and high levels of cholesterol.  This is an antioxidant that checks blood vessel disease, and minimizes the decline of thinking skills due to age; aside from reducing illness due to cancer.

  1. Sunburn prevention

To avoid sunburn, users apply the concentration or its seed oil directly to the skin as an effective treatment for radiation damage from x-rays and sunburns. It is an effective and useful way to heal wounds from bedsores, burns, and cuts; mucous membranes protection and for skin disorders like acne, changes in color after giving birth, dry skin, skin inflammation, and skin ulcers.

  1. Buckthorn berries

They are versatile in preventing infections, in improving eyesight, and slowing down the process of aging.

 Benefits of Sea Buckthorn

  • It includes a wide array of vitamins, such as A, B1, B2, B6, C, and other active ingredients for the treatment of stomach and intestinal ulcers and symptoms of heartburn.
  • Its herbal oil helps in preventing diabetes through insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity, both of which are protection against type 2 diabetes.
  • It enhances the health of your skin when applied directly to the skin for it improves skin elasticity better than a placebo, as well as, preventing skin dryness and helping to heal from bedsores, frostbite, and skin burns.
  • It improves the immune system and protects your body against infections. Further, this type of oil offers protection against herpes, HIV viruses, and influenza.

Other potential Sea Buckthorn benefits:

  • Sea Buckthorn is an effective treatment of stomach ulcers, symptoms of menopause, and reduction of vaginal drying.
  • It acts as an effective alternative treatment for postmenopausal women, has many nutrients and may improve the health of your heart, liver, and skin.
  • It serves as a great protection against diabetes and aids your immune system.
  • This plant product has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years so it is a worthy alternative to give your body a boost that cannot take estrogen.
  • It treats dry eyes, reduces eye redness and burning.
  • It lowers inflammation and joint inflammation and as an antidepressant drug, reduces symptoms of depression.

Studies are ongoing to confirm all the benefits claimed by sea buckthorn for it has been working in the treatment of most health problems.

Sea Buckthorn benefits include the treatment of a variety of ailments as well as a popular alternative remedy for it is rich in many nutrients that provide good health and wellness.

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