A holistic approach to treatment means that the body of the patient, his spirit, and soul are seen as one entity that needs to live in harmony with its psychosocial environment. The holistic treatment observes the patient as the center of the therapy and is based on the ability to initiate self-treatment.

Holistic treatment is also based on medication that can be obtained from nature. Nature has a cure for all diseases. One of the remedies that can be found in nature is Goji berry. The Goji plant comes from Tibet (Lyceum barbarum) and is considered a food and medicine for longevity. This plant is also called the red diamond in medicine. It is considered as a natural aid for the revitalization of the general state of health of the organism.

As a fruit species, it is actually a shrub that grows from 1.5 to 2 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter and blooms from the sixth to the eighth month. The fruits successively mature from the ninth to the tenth month of the year. Goji’s fruits are 1-2 cm long red berries, which are consumed raw or dried, as a juice or as syrup. Goji berries are similar to the strawberries and can be prepared as tea, liquor, wine, yogurt, rice, chicken or salad dressing.

History of Goji berry

From ancient times, people, and later doctors tried to find a food, which would contain all the necessary ingredients. One food approximately corresponds to that description, and that is goji berry. Wolfberry is the most common name of this fruit in the Western world. For the last 6000 years, Goji berry has grown in China and has been used in many recipes of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the eighteenth century, Chinese farmers noticed wolves eating Goji berry, gave the nickname to this miraculous fruit “wolfberry”.

goji berry-dried

The fact is that people in the Himalayas live much longer and have better health than other parts of mankind, precisely because of this food that gives strength and longevity. Ancient Chinese medical manuscripts from the Tang dynasty of the 7th century and the Ming dynasty from the 16th century speak in detail about its healing properties. In several provinces of China and in the Tibetan region, this plant grows in nature. It is grown there as a holy plant. In new environments, people call it a “happy berry”, because its regular consumption brings satisfaction and happiness.

Goji berry benefits

  • Best antioxidants

Goji berries are currently considered one of the so-called super foods, thanks to incredible nutritional properties. Goji berries are primarily priced because of their noticeable antioxidant properties. They are ranked first in the US rankings for evaluating antioxidant properties of food because they contain the highest level of measurement units on this scale. Goji berries have five times higher concentration of antioxidant units than, for example, plums, which are in the third place. Because of this, Goji berries are considered to be a super food, which has the incredible power to revitalize the organism and slow down the aging process.

As a result of the entry of antioxidants, there is a slower aging of the organism, and the immunity becomes stronger and therefore more resistant to many diseases. The overall subjective feeling is far better because the harmful substances are “cleaned” from the organism. All in all, antioxidants are the most powerful and most useful substances that we can incorporate into our body.

  • Excellent nutrients

Goji berries abound with nutritious and useful substances, which play an important role in the defense of the organism from disease, as well as in the prevention of illness. These marvelous berries contain a lot of vitamin C and iron. They contain the highest concentration of iron in comparison with other plants. They also contain lutein, which plays an important role in maintaining eye health and good vision.

Goji berries abound with beta-carotene, which is transformed into vitamin A in the body, which is crucial for good vision.

Goji berries also contain a significant amount of betain, a substance that protects the liver and memory, as well as chaperon, which is excellent for regulating blood pressure and heart function. Also, they contain fizalin, which is excellent in the fight against hepatitis B and leukemia. They also contain 18 amino acids, 5 unsaturated fatty acids, calcium, selenium, potassium, protein.

What Goji berry is good for?

Goji berries are used in traditional Asian medicine for millenniums backward. First of all, it is thought that this plant rejuvenates the body and provides energy. This plant has a place of honor in Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese folk medicine. The medicinal properties of Goji berries have brought them great popularity in Western medicine too. These berries are thought to be extremely remedial for various health conditions.

Goji berries are not a cure, but they are an excellent natural supplement, which can be added to the diet and can help your organism in various ways.

The health benefits of consuming Goji berries are as follows:

  • They return energy and strengthen the resistance of the organism and the immune system

  • Positively affect vision

  • They regulate blood pressure and encourage proper circulation

  • Protect your liver from fat and protect your kidneys

  • They also positively affect the urinary system

  • Stimulate the potency

  • Mitigate the side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • They have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails

  • They help with back pain

  • Regulate problems with diabetes


How to consume Goji berry?

The recommended daily dose of Goji berry is from 10 to 30 grams. However, if used as a medicine they can be consumed in larger quantities. For example, in traditional Chinese medicine, recommended daily dose is about 150 grams of berries.

You can buy Goji berries in almost all health food stores, in herbal pharmacies or you can order them online. The only problem is that freshly grown berries are difficult to procure since they cannot stay fresh for a long period of time. Therefore, they are most often sold in dried form, or as juices and syrups. The taste of Goji berries is mild and sweet. You should be careful where you buy the fruits of this plant since there were plenty of products of dubious origin on the market. You can also plant Goji berries yourself on sandy soil, which must be irrigated constantly.

Recipes with Goji berry

Mix Goji berries with yogurt and add a spoon of cereal as desired. In this way, you will make a delicious and nutritious meal that will protect you from the flu and colds.

For jam, you will need five tablespoons of Goji berries, water, and 1 tbsp. of lemon juice, 1 spoon of sweetener and 2 teaspoons of some fruity aroma. Put Goji berries, lemon juice, and sweetener in a pot and pour water. Then mix for about ten minutes, and if necessary, add water to avoid scorching. Jam is over when the berries swell. Put the jam in the glass jar and hold it in the fridge.

Recipe for good health and longevity must include Goji berry. That is all you need to prevent diseases and help your immune system in fighting against them.

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