Each one of us has special guardian angels that that look after us. Whether you believe in them or not, a guardian angel was given and assigned by God to you to guard and guide you in the conduct of your life from the moment you are born till the time you return to your creator.

Your guardian angel helps you to do and decide what is right by following the will of God. That angel acts as your conscience when you do something shameless. He is the voice at the back of your mind that whispers you to do what is right. And he is your companion when you feel like you are alone.

Warning Signs From the Angels

Your guardian angels serve as God’s staff to watch over each and every one of his creation. And while they constantly advise you to follow the God’s path, they are also instructed by God to respect your free will. This is why your actions can also go astray. However, even if you commit mistakes or sins, angels will never dessert you and will always be at your back to help you get back on track no matter what. But how exactly do we communicate with angels. Or how exactly do I know when he is talking or trying to tell me something.

Here are some ways you guardian angel is communicating with you especially when giving you warnings:

When Angels save you from a Potential disaster

If you almost had a tragic accident because you are drunk driving. If you almost died for overdosing yourself with drugs. If your partner in crime finally got caught cheating. Or if you something bad almost happened to you because you have been acting against God’s will, these are tell-tale warning signs from God that you need to change. Life changing events are some of the ways God wants to shake you a bit for you to realize that you need to change your ways. And with the help of your guardian angel, you miraculously survived these tragedies because you are given a second chance.

When Angels cause unexplainable events or things to happen

Your new car won’t start, it started to rain very hard in a bright summer day, your tires had suddenly turn flat, a roadwork that caused traffic or other things that tend to stop or delay you from leaving is a sign that your angel may have sense danger and have been preventing you from going with your planned trip because something bad may happen to you. Your angels can mess with the proper functioning of your mechanical gadgets in order to impede or prohibit you from taking an action that may not be good for you.

When angels design events to coincide for a reason

Everything happens for a reason. Circumstances occur because they are precisely designed to cause things to happen. If you keep on meeting and seeing a person that you have been avoiding, then it’s a message from your guardian angel that you need to see this person once and for all and iron out your differences. If you keep on seeing things that remind you of a certain person, then it’s a message that you might just need to see that person and know why.

Guardian Angels Signs:
  • Birds
  • Coins
  • Voices
  • Scents
  • Dreams
  • Numbers
  • Rainbows
  • Sounds-music
  • White feathers
  • Flickering lights

When angels call or talk to you directly in your head

Hearing a distinct voice that tells you what to do or instructs you what to do can be a message from your guardian angel. The instruction is usually short like “stop” or “leave” and is delivered in very subtle yet clear voice. This usually happens when an angel is warning you to refrain from doing something that you normally do because it will cause something wrong at the current moment.

Unlike auditory hallucination associated with a mental health problem, the message of your angel does not urge you to do something that is evil or foul. You yourself would know if you are instructed maliciously. The angel’s voice is not menacing and would sound caring and gentle.

When Angels make a gut feeling you cannot rationally explain

Instead of hearing voices that tell you something, you may experience a gut feel telling you what to do. For instance, you have a bad feeling of not getting or joining a trip because your gut feels tells you not to. Gut feelings are instincts or intuitions that tell you what to do, without a logical rationale. This is reflected in the expressions, “I have a good feeling or a bad feeling about something”. And this feeling which your angel instills in you who can be in the form of a sense of worry / anxiety or a sense of good vibes is their way of telling you whether to go or stop or proceed or recede.

When Angels create Dreams that tell you something

Dreams are also one of the best ways through which angels communicate to us. They talk to us in dreams because we are most vulnerable and focused in listening to them when we are dreaming.  Unlike when we are awake and are busy and mindful of a lot of things. Dreams can be in the form of a premonition such as when you dream something bad is going to happen prior to the event that you are going to do or event. It can also be in the form of a vision, which on the other hand provides you with a more positive or optimistic scenario of what’s going to happen to something that you are planning. In most cases, dreams can be symbolic. It does not necessarily tell or show something that is akin to reality. Hence, we should also learn how to correctly interpret and understand our dreams.

When Angels use another person as medium

Sometimes, your angels use another person such as a friend, a companion or even a stranger to communicate to you. For instance, a friend suddenly felt the urge of telling everybody to wear their seatbelts for no apparent reason. Suddenly, the driver stopped the vehicle as it almost hit a wild animal crossing the road.

In another instance, a stranger may suddenly approach you and tell you to drive slowly because of sudden animals crossing the road. In both instances, your angel uses a friend or a stranger to directly communicate to you or warn you about the dangers that will possibly meet while driving.

As vessels and channels of God’s love and grace, angels always communicate with us in order to protect us from harm, teach us how God wanted us to act and guide us to our spiritual growth. And the more you learn how to listen to them, the closer and more intimate becomes with your relationship with God and the more you fill find your niche in the divine order of things.