Healing crystals come in a variety of colors and each colour represents a certain frequency of vibration. The colours are aligned to the main chakras which are also aligned to colours of the elecromagnetic spectrum. In general the crystals heal the area of the chakra to which they are aligned, meaning that red crystals will heal the base chakra and everything that it represents. Orange crystals heal the navel chakra, yellow crystals heal the solar plexus, green crystals will heal the heart chakra, blue crystals heal the throat chakra and the purple crystals will heal the brow and the crown chakras. Just be aware that there are many healing crystals so we can only give one example for each chakra.

Healing with Amethyst

Amethyst’s colour ranges from lavender to violet. It is attuned to the crown chakra. At mental level it helps to purify negative thoughts and improves the intellect. At emotional level it clears the mind, and reduces anxiety and stress while increasing confidence. It is associated with abundance so it will reduce stress and bring abundance in business and at work. At spiritual level it facilitates intuition and enhances communication, properties which are also useful at work. So place it in the office to enhance positive decision making and stress relief. Wear it if you are going to deal with others in a situation that might become emotional because it will soothe the emotions and bring peace.


Healing with Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the crystal that is blue of the ocean in colour. It is attuned to the throat chakra. It helps speakers to overcome the fear of speaking. It helps one to express one‘s truth, feelings and wisdom clearly. It also assists one to speak clearly without anger in tough situations. At physical level aquamarine alleviates problems of the throat including frequent sore throat, the thyroid gland and the parathyroid gland. It also reduces allergies and heals autoimmune disorders by calming down an overactive immune system. At mental level it sharpens the intellect, clears confusion and clarifies perception. At emotional level it helps you to let go of past emotional issues.

Healing with Seraphinite

Seraphinite, also known as green chlorite or Serafina is a green and silver crystal that is connected to the heart chakra. It fills the aura of the wearer with feelings of wholeness, wellness, love and nurturing. It supports the lungs, corrects imbalances related to cellular regeneration, strengthens the liver and the kidneys and thickens the blood. At emotional level it helps to release old emotional patterns that are no longer needed. At spiritual level it enhances connection with angelic beings if you meditate with it, opening communication channels with that realm. It aligns the etheric body with the spinal cord and clears any energy blockages (used alone or with accupuncture) that might be in the etheric body.

Healing with Amber

Amber is yellow and it is attuned to the solar plexus. Use amber for babies to protect them against negative energies or to reduce teething pain. Simply sew it into the baby’s clothes or place it in the crib (cot) or make a necklace. At physical level amber draws out toxins, pain and diseases from the body and stimulates the immune system and the body’s healing mechanisms while increasing vitality and energy levels. It also wakes up the digestive system and is useful for treating the liver, bronchial problems, the gallbladder, the bladder, the kidneys, joint pain, rheumatism, and toothache. At emotional level it alleviates anxiety, depression and stress. Wear it as jewelry or place it over the affected area or add it to balms and elixirs.

Healing with Orange Carnelian

Orange carnelian is attuned to the navel chakra and it balances the three lower chakras. It is particularly good for increasing creativity and calms the inner critic concerning creative activities. Because of its strong link to the root chakra it inspires confidence and drive which help the creative endeavours to come to life. Use it if you are involved in creative work as in architecture, engineering, writing, building, singing, painting, selling, etc. At physical level it enhances the potency of the reproductive organs, improves fertility and sexuality, and enhances circulation of blood to the organs and tissues. It also heals lower back pain, bones, ligaments and joints. At emotional level it restores motivation and lost vitality and clears away rage, envy, resentment, eating disorders and sexual anxiety. It also restores trust of the self.

Healing with Red Jasper

Red jasper is associated with the base chakra so it is grounding. For pregnant women it helps the fetus to grow strong. If your energy is scattered red jasper will help you to stay centred and balanced. If you are working on a project red jasper enhances determination. For infertility use this crystal to increase libido and fertility. It generally gives strength and stamina to the body and improves circulation. At emotional level red jasper rekindles a passion for life when one is feeling negative and uninspired. It even brings on confidence, fearlessness and action. At spiritual level it assists the kundalini to rise. In day to day matters it brings fairness and helps anyone who is trying to correct an unjust situation.

Healing with Onyx

Onyx is not aligned to any chakra and it affects the whole body. When you wear onyx you gain increased vigor, stamina and self control in terms of sex. Emotionally it relieves you of tension, worry, nervousness, confusion and nightmares. Physically it treats bone marrow diseases, glaucoma, feet, blood problems, bones, teeth and soft tissue disorders. There are claims that it will heal damage done to cells.

Onyx and other black crystals all repel negative energy and protect the person who wears them.

Healing with Clear Quartz

Clear quartz contains white which is a combination of all colours. It it a versatile healing crystals so you can use it for any condition. It enhances energy flow, stimulates the immune systems, improves the circulatory systems and balances the energies of the whole body. Use it for migraines, dizziness, vertigo, motion sickness, poor metabolism, tiredness. At emotional level it cleanses the body and the invisible bodies, removing negativity and stimulating positive and clearer thinking. At spiritual level it stimulates and balances the crown chakra which connects us to the higher planes of spiruality.

Healing crystals are most effective when they are close to the area or chakra that needs healing. Most people wear them as jewelry or place them over the affected area during a healing session. People also place them in their homes and offices to benefit at emotional level and to control the living or working environment. As in any healing modality, it takes time for crystals to work so do not expect them to work in a day.

It would require a whole book to discuss all the crystals that are available for healing but this is enough to start you on your journey with crystals. It is very important to learn the meanings, associations and purposes of each crystal that you plan to use. With insufficient knowledge you might exercerbate a situation instead of healing.

If you have a particular problem right now, find out which crystals might help you.
Then learn as much as you can about those healing crystals and select one that you like most.