Friendship or companionship is a relationship we all have and would still venture into at some point, either consciously or unconsciously and it is a bound to be cherished forever. Even if we’ve had bad experiences, it shouldn’t be a criterion for deciding to stay with no friends.

Don’t want to end up with no friends? Then don’t be careless enough to lose your loved ones due to short time quarrels and mistakes.

One of the problems of many companionships is that we don’t exactly understand our pals well enough, we don’t know their true nature, habits, and beliefs. It is important that we not only understand them but know what they can and cannot do, this helps reduce unnecessary quarrels.

In the heat of the moment, when people react badly, understanding situations and moods will greatly reduce break off. Your pal could have mood swings or even transfer aggression to you when this happens, how do you react?

Ensure to stay real with friends at all times, either in good or bad situations

It is important to stay real with your opinions, ideas and believes at all times. This portrays your real character and it helps to relate your likes and dislikes to the party’s involved.

Have a forgiving heart but learn to express yourself to friends

Learn to forgive your pals when they offend you but be sure to express yourself truly without hiding any feeling. Remember that as much as you may feel hurt by pals, you must have hurt them too.

Be the friend that understands that no form of relationship should be held on pretense

We all want that friend that can always stand and support us but then, we cannot always be at the receiving end. We should understand that our opinions can also be declined and we can’t always be right. We shouldn’t force those around us into pretense.

Always live in reality and do not imagine your friends for what they are not

Another reason why so many people end up losing those close to them is their intention of having a friend that suits that perfect description and this is wrong.

Every friend is priceless and deserves the opportunity to display and relate with you just as they are. We have them in a different category; the gentle, lousy, annoying, brainy or dumb friend and they impact our lives in their own special way.


Check up on friends as the world revolves through continuous communication

When we lack communication and the habit of checking on the ones we love, we could lose them slowly until we are all alone. There is too much bitterness, pain and depression in this world to live a life with no friends around.

Friends boost our joy and sense of hope; they brighten up our smile even in the darkest moment and they push us to move forward even in the most unwilling moments. They reduce depression and gives you the opportunity to express your hurt even when you don’t want to.