Nature has summer, when plants grow fast and reproduce, then autumn when the produce ripens and is eaten, then winter when plants stop growing and “die” then there is spring when plants awaken. Some plants only live for one season and then die, and their continuity is assured by the seeds that they produce. People also have seasons when they are born, they grow up, they reproduce, and then they decline as they age till they die off.

The question is, is death the end? Do we live only one life and get extinguished like a candle flame and cease to exist? Then what is the point of life if we are going to be no more?

Most cultures and ancient religions taught and still teach that the soul does not die, but that it leaves the body at the time of death, goes to rest, and then when it is ready it chooses and enters a newly conceived body. As a new person it goes again through birth, growth, reproduction, decline, ageing and death. This birth and death cycle (reincarnation) goes on and on as the soul matures and learns new lessons. That means every person living right now has lived before in many past lives. You too have lived many past lives.

What is the Point of Reincarnation?

Reincarnation or re-embodiment provides every individual soul with an opportunity to learn lessons in each life cycle. Because we do not have all the answers, we make mistakes in each life cycle that we live. In one life cycle one can be a murderer, becoming better than a murderer in another life, and even a zealous priest in yet another life. In each life we get a chance to pay for our past mistakes and learn new lessons. Reincarnation is a fair spiritual law that gives each soul a chance to improve in each lifetime as it works its way to oneness with God. If you meet a person who is pure and loving and godly, know that you have met one who has learned most of his/her lessons in their past lives.

You and I have been here before, many times. We have been poor and rich, white, brown and black, male and female, gay and straight. We have inhabited almost every continent in different lifetimes. We will continue to come back until we work out our karma and graduate from this school of physical life. If we do not want to keep coming back we must strive to perfect ourselves in this lifetime and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, now. We must be proactive about it, rather than wait for millions of years of exceedingly slow growth. Why?

The point of existence is to achieve oneness with the Creator, the Universal Mind, also known “as God”.

We must strive to be like Jesus or Buddha who knew who they were and behaved in a godly behaviour.

Signs That We Have Lived Before

Most people do not believe in reincarnation. However there are people who remember their past lives and people who have signs that indicate past lives. For example, some children remember certain experiences that happened in their past lives in detail and they tell the stories in such detail that they leave no doubt that they did live the lives described. How else can a three or four year old know what happened in a certain place at a particular time, complete with names that have actually been verified?

Some people do not remember anything directly but they tend to have recurring dreams of particular places involving particular people which all feel familiar. Yet in their waking life they have never visited such a place and might not know the people who appear in their dreams. Experts say such dreams are of places and people in a past life.

Other people experience déjà vu, the feeling that they have just visited a place that they knew before even though in this life they have never visited such a place. Others have an experience that they “know” they have experienced before.

Still others have heightened intuition, strong precognition (knowledge of future events) and retrocognition (knowledge of things that happened in the past) without being given information. It is said that such people have been around many times and they have matured as souls.

These signs are great indicators that people do remember their past lives in many ways.

It Is Not Necessary to Remember Each Past Life

Once some people grasp the concept of past life and reincarnation, they want to explore their past lives just in case they were once great. I know a lot of women who claim to have been Cleopatra in their past lives! How is that possible?

People are not aware that exploring past lives can be quite shocking. Imagine finding out that you were a horrible murderer or you were beheaded in a battle or eaten alive by a wild animal in your past life! You do not just learn this because during a past life recall session you experience it! The newly found knowledge can be very upsetting and cause you new problems. At the end of the day, most people do not benefit in any way from finding out what happened in a past life. If in your last past life you were rich, poor, a man, a woman, a murderer or a monk, what difference does it make to this life?

However, some people explore the past life when they have problems that they do not understand. People have fears, health problems, anxiety, addictions or unexplainable pain, while others cannot manage relationships. When the therapist cannot find a good reason for the problem in the current life, he/she can use past life recall to find out what could have happened in a past life.

In many cases the cause of a current problem is found in an incident that happened in a past life. The therapist and the affected person then work on the problem to remove the effects of the past life on the current life. Only in that case is it necessary to explore any past life.