Reishi coffee is a beverage that is made with a mixture of coffee and a powdered extract of reishi mushrooms, also known as ganoderma mushrooms, which grow in many hot and humid areas in Asia. The Reishi mushroom is a tough and woody fungus with a bitter taste. The part of the mushrooms above the ground and the filaments that connect a group of mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It is said that the reishi mushroom contains a variety of phytochemicals including triterpenoids, polysaccharides and peptidoglycans, that have beneficial effects. The beverage may, or may not, contain non-dairy coffee creamer, sugar and herbs. People generally decide how they want to take it. Below we discuss some of its health benefits.

Health Benefits of Reishi Coffee

Reishi mushrooms are known to have many health benefits and they have been used for a long time in traditional herbal medicine in Asia. So far there is no sufficient scientific evidence to support the traditional claims of many health benefits.

However, preliminary research has found that it may be true that reishi coffee will provide the following benefits:

It Boosts the Immune System

Reishi coffee can boost the immune system and affect white blood cells and this has been confirmed by various studies. It has been found, in test tube studies, to affect the genes in white blood cells which are very important for immunity. It was also found to change the inflammation pathways in white blood cells. In cancer patients, reishi was found to increase the activity of natural killer cells (white blood cells that fight infections and cancer cells) and to increase the number of other white blood cells.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Many people eat reishi mushrooms or drink reishi coffee because it has cancer fighting properties. Preliminary research has indicated that taking reishi mushroom extract on a daily basis for a year lowers the number of non-canceours tumors in the colon and the rectum. One study involving 4,000 survivors of breast cancer found that about 59% of them consumed reishi mushroom in some form. A number of studies have shown that it can be beneficial for prostate cancer. There have been test tube studies as well in which the extract killed cancer cells.

Improves Symptoms of Hepatitis B

Reishi coffee has potential to treat hepatitis B and improve liver function. Preliminary research on one reishi mushroom product reduced the level of hepatitis B virus circulating in the body and improved liver function.

Potentially Improves 

Reishi coffee is a potential treatment for high blood pressure. So far there is conflicting evidence of this. For people with mildly high blood pressure, a reishi mushroom extract did not have an effect but for people with more severe high blood pressure it had a beneficial effect.

Reishi also clears clogged arteris: Early research has shown that it may reduce chest pains, shortness of breath and other symptoms associated with clogged arteries. This may be linked to its ability to increase HDL (good) cholesterol and to decrease triglycerides as found in one study.

Relieves Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression

Reishi coffee can decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve the quality of life for people with other health problems. In a number of studies, reishi supplements reduced fatigue, improved well-being, and the study participants experienced less anxiety and depression.

Potential to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Reishi coffee has potential to lower blood sugar levels as it contains a chemical that can do this. Some studies involving animals and humans have found that it can decrease blood sugar levels.

Anti-oxidant Properties

Reishi coffee is filled with antioxidants. It neutralises free radicals because of its antioxidant content. A number of studies have found that reishi mushroom extracts protect against mild and severe oxidative stress (caused by free radicals). Because it is a powerful antioxidant, it stimulates autophagy in the body, similar to jump-starting the body’s natural detoxification process. This removes dead cells, damaged cells, and free radicals and protects cellular integrity. Autophagy can reduce cancer risk.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Because of its immune boosting and antioxidant properties, reishi coffee helps to reduce some types of inflammation and related diseases. By stopping inflammation it protects nerves and neurons from inflammation and that protects the brain, improving memory and reducing brain fog. It has even been found to prevent neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. It may not replace medicines presecribed by doctors but it helps with relief and prevention.

Reverses The Aging Process

The antioxidant properties of reishi coffee destroy free radicals and prevents damage to the cells, stopping tissue degeneration, reducing disease and reversing the aging process.

Many Other Benefits

Reishi coffee is reported to provide many other health benefits, for example it:

  • Relieves stress
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Treats kidney disorders
  • Increases energy stamina
  • Relieves ultitude sickness
  • Relieves asthma and bronchitis

More scientific evidence is required to confirm its effectiveness for all these health problems. Still, there are many benefits listed above that supports daily consumption.

Known Side Effects

Not much research has been done on the side effects and so far there is conflicting evidence. One study found that the mushroom extract is safe when taken by mouth for up to a year. Another study found that people taking reishi extract for four months were likely to suffer from mild side effects like upset stomach and digestive distress compared to those on placebo. This study did not find any harmful effects on the liver. Yet another study did not find any negative effects on the liver and kidneys of healthy adults after four weeks of taking reishi supplements. Yet, significant liver problems were found in two other studies in which participants had consumed reishi mushrooms before without any problems but reacted negatively to the powdered form. It is possible that either the powder itself was tainted or that the dosage was the problem.

Other side effects that have been reported from consuming reishi mushroom include dry mouth, dry throat, dry nasal passages along with itching, nosebleed, and bloody stools.


It is recommended that pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people with blood disorders, people with bleeding disorders, those with low blood pressure, people taking medicine for high blood pressure, people taking medicine that slows blood clotting and those undergoing surgery should avoid reishi.

Reishi coffee provides many health benefits for people who have a number of health issues. It is wise to consult your medical practitioner if you are taking certain medicines as this fungus may interact with them. Otherwise, enjoy!

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