Everything is energy. Every person or event creates energy especially if there is a lot of violence or emotion involved, and that energy tends to stick around in a place. Therefore, if there was violence, long illness, sadness or depression in one of your rooms there could be negative energy stuck in there. That is why you may enter a certain place and it feels eerie or heavy. For that reason, you need to remove negative energy from a new house before you move into it because you do not know what harmful energies might be lurking in there. It’s not just a new house that needs cleansing; your current house needs to be cleansed regularly too because negative energies are created there all the time as people go through illness, sadness or violence.

There are various ways to remove negative energy:

You can use the power of herbs, salt, crystals and sound or other ways such as repairing or moving furniture.

1. Wash Windows, Entrances, Floors and Walls of a new House

Before moving into a new house, cleanse it to remove negative energy.

Open all doors and windows to let in fresh air and open blinds to let in lots of sunshine. That alone will begin the process of cleansing your home. Sweep the whole house and the entrance and dust everything. Mop the floor and wipe the walls and cupboards while wearing cleaning gloves on. Change your water often. Then fill a bucket with clean water, add the juice of five lemons, a cup of salt and a quarter cup of white vinegar. Wipe the walls, doors, windows, floors, stove, appliances, door handles, chandeliers. Do this too for your regular house cleansing every few months.

2. Burn Sage the Powerful Cleansing Herb

After cleaning the house, burn sage and smudge every room with the smoke, particularly if it is a new house. Burning sage has been used for millennia by Native Americans to remove negative energy from spaces. It works by neutralizing the energy field and it works very fast. Sage is powerful when used alone but if you do not like its earthy woodsy smell, you can add frankincense which certainly chases away bad entities.


3. Alternatively Use Frankincense to Remove Negative Energy

You can even use frankincense alone if you want to. Frankincense is nicknamed “transformer” or “liquid gold” because it has a powerful purifying and detoxifying energy and its sweet aroma shifts away negative energy. As a result, it protects the home, elevates spiritual awareness and relieves feelings of anxiety and stress within the home.

4. Use Salt, a Powerful Purifier to Remove Negative Energy

After purifying the home with sage and/or frankincense, put salt in all four corners of each room and leave it there for 48 hours to absorb the negative energies of the previous owners. If you already live in your home, you can wash the house, smudge with sage and/or frankincense and then put salt in the corners to absorb any negative energies created by illness, violence or depression. Remove the salt after 48 hours and then put crystals in the house.

5. Healing Crystals Remove Negative Energy Too

After cleansing your home with herbs, incense and salt, you need to prevent further pollution and invasion by negative energy. Grid your home with healing crystals. For example, you can choose black tourmaline because it absorbs negative energies given off by people and things. Place black tourmaline in every corner of every room to prevent more negative energies from entering your home. Place more near your television, computer, internet router and other electronic devices because it absorbs electromagnetic energy. If you still have more, place other black tourmaline crystals in places that feel heavy even after your cleansing efforts. To keep your crystals working wash them with filtered water and then expose them to sunlight for at least four hours every week.

If you prefer, you can use amethyst or selenite instead of black tourmaline.


6. Remove Negative Energy with Sound

If you are not into crystals and herbs, there is hope for you yet. You can remove negative energy in your home using a bell. One ring of a bell in each and every corner of every room and entrances will disperse the negative energy. While ringing the bell, focus your mind on removing the energy and bringing in energy of abundance.

7. Repair and Move Furniture Regularly

Furniture holds a lot of energy from people and the events that take place in the house. To remove negative energy that is created within your house, you can simply rearrange your furniture once in a while. Rearranging may be as simple as moving two armchairs around. You may want to rearrange your furniture while doing thorough cleaning of the house followed by smudging with sage and purifying with salt.

If you purchase an antique, be aware that it might hold very old energy from its original owner and that energy may be powerfully negative if the item was taken violently. It is therefore wise to cleanse each antique individually before adding it to your household.

8. Declutter and Get Rid of Broken Things

People like to hold on to old broken things, hoping to repair them one day and reuse them. In the end the house accumulates a lot of junk that simply gathers dust. Because those things are never used or moved, their energy is stagnant and negative, and it affects the household negatively. Remember, less is more. Get rid of old broken things, clothes, gadgets, furniture etc. and clean the house and put everything in order. You will feel better afterwards because the weight of the negative energy is gone.

You do not have to let negative energy affect your life and cause illness, bad luck and poor finances. If you feel a negative vibration in your home, you can remove negative energy and allow clean positive energy to flow into the house. Then you will see positive things happening to you.