We have all heard about the existence of angels and archangels. But did you know that you can work with them daily? The purpose of angelic beings is to help us with life’s challenges and they are always available and willing to help us. In the hierarchy of angelic beings, archangels are higher than angels. The suffix el in the names of archangels means of God. Please note that angelic beings have no gender but unfortunately when we adopted their names we associated those names with gender. Therefore Michael, Raphael, etc. sound like male angels. Still, we use the male gender due to the limitations of the English language. Let us look at the role of archangels in our lives.

The Role of Archangel Michael

The name Michael in Hebrew means who is like God. Archangel Michael‘s special colour is blue. He is considered to be the right hand of God which implies mercy, lovingkindness, caring, and openheartedness. Michael is the archangel that is in charge of night time, the north direction, winter season, the air element, our dreams, and the protection of women and children. He is the one to invoke when we want co-operation, reconciliation and peace since he encourages us to live in harmony with others and the earth. Call on Michael when you or someone needs protection in a particular situation or during a journey. When you meditate on him, reflect on times of great generosity, caring, sharing and being available to help others.


Archangel Gabriel’s Role in our Lives

Gabriel in Hebrew means the justice and righteousness of God. His special colour is white. He is the one in control of noontime, the summer season, the south direction and the water element. He stands at the left hand of the father therefore he is the one that metes out punishment as opposed to Michael who protects. Gabriel is the angel of revelation and hope. Invoke him to heal dysfunctional families. He is also the angel of business therefore if you want to succeed in any business endeavor you can invoke archangel Gabriel.

About Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the archangel in charge of the evening, the autumn season, the western direction and the earth element. Archangel Raphael means God heals.  His special colour is green. He is the archangel in charge of healing so you can invoke him to heal people, animals and the earth. You can also invoke him to bless any form of healing that you are engaged in from surgery to herbalism to the laying of hands. He blesses growth and transformation therefore invoke him to bless any project or change that you are involved in. Raphael brings comfort and protection to everyone who is physically, spiritually or emotionally hurt therefore invoke him for mental, emotional and physical healing of the self and others.

Archangel Uriel’s Role in Our Lives

Uriel is the archangel in charge of the morning, the east direction, the spring season and the fire element. His special colour is yellow and his name means light of God. Because he is the light of God you can invoke him when you want to raise your awareness of the nature of God. He blesses the world of science, economics, politics, political reform and medical research. Therefore you can invoke him when you want to improve a country’s economy or when you are engaged in scientific research. Uriel blesses our minds so invoke him when you are studying or if you need mental clarity at critical times. He encourages social equality so invoke him when you have situations where inequality reigns. He helps us to find our direction in life so ask him for help when you are not sure which direction to take.


How Archangel Chamuel Helps Us

Chamuel means the one who sees God. He is the one who sees the love of God and is the archangel that brings love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness to any situation. His special colour is light pink. If you realize that you harbour feelings of selfishness or self-condemnation or low self-esteem, archangel Chamuel can dissolve those feelings. He has all-knowing vision that sees the interconnectedness between all things, making him excellent at healing broken relationships, bringing love into relationships and assisting you to find love or new friends. If you are a victim of slander and malice or general misunderstanding, ask this archangel of love for protection. If you need strength and courage to face challenging situations ask Chamuel for help.

About Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel means beauty of God. He is in charge of the arts and artists. His special colour is yellow gold. This is the archangel to invoke if you want to maintain beauty in your life or to create beautiful surroundings or if you want to think beautiful thoughts and to stay positive. If you are an artist (writer, painter, composer, designer, etc.) and you need inspiration call archangel Jophiel for assistance. If your life is chaotic call Jophiel to bring calm and better organisation to your environment. If you want to think outside the box or you need a creative solution to a problem, again Jophiel can bring you wisdom and a shift in perspective.

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Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel means righteousness of God. Archangel Zadkiel’s colour is violet. In Judaism he is known as the angel of mercy, benevolence and memory. He also represents forgiveness, justice, alchemy, freedom and transformation. Call upon Zadkiel if you want to free yourself from the hold of karma or if you want forgiveness and mercy for any transgression. If you have embarked on a journey of transformation, invoke the transmuting power of Zadkiel to purify you and transform you into a new person. Do you need justice for a wrong done to you? Then call upon Zadkiel to intervene during the court sessions for your case.

Archangels are always available and willing to assist us any time we need them.

That is their reason for being. We can call upon any archangel to assist us with business, health, relationships, emotions, courage, justice or anything that we need. Calling upon archangels is easy as it involves meditation. Some people like elaborate rituals to invoke archangels. However that is not necessary since we can simply go into the silence and call upon any archangel without any props.