The Smovey is a very simple exercise gadget that was invented by Johann Salzwimmer, an Austrian skier and tennis coach who had developed Parkinson’s disease. As he looked for solutions for his condition he developed a prototype of the Smovey vibrational system which helpd him to relieve some him of the symptoms of his condition. Some people call it the rings, or the circles or the vibroswings.

The rings are used to heal people with physical and mobility challenges. It is a unique product that provides an active and changing upper body workout that relieves pain and makes the user fit while burning calories and stabilizing the back.

The Smovey is a pair of plastic rings that are tubular. The inside of the tube is grooved and the grooves are in the form of spirals. The tubes contain 4 metal balls each that move freely within as the user swings. Each ring weighs 1 pound (0.454kg). As the user swings the rings, the balls move and together with the grooves they create vibrations that affect the skeleton, the muscles and the nervous system.

It is not easy to find a tool that affects the muscles and the skeleton while affecting the nervous system as well and that makes the vibrational rings unique.

How the Smovey Works to Heal the Body

As you can see in the picture above, the balls inside the Smovey rings move as the user swings the rings. The motion creates different levels of resistance, up to 10 pounds, depending on the strength and condition of the user.

reflexologyReflexology tells us that the palms of the hands and the soles of our feet have points that are linked to specific parts and organs of the body. If certain points are stimulated through pressure or vibration, energy flows enabling the healing of the corresponding body parts. As the balls inside the vibroswings move they create a vibration of 60Hz which moves through the handles into the palms of the hands. The founder of the Smovey calls that the Vibroswing effect. The vibration activates the meridians of Qi (or prana or life energy) enabling the flow of energy throughout the body.

As the energy flows it gives exceptional healing to certain parts of the body during the workout, leaving the user revitalized and relaxed. Did you know that when energy does not flow smoothly throughout the body, you become sick? In fact any part of the body which does not receive sufficinet energy or is completely denied energy becomes sick. Even poor posture while sitting for many hours temporarily blocks the flow of energy, resulting in numbness and stiffness of joints, ligaments and spine, and even muscle and joint pain. All this can easily be corrected by working out with the Smovey at the end of the day.

Who Can Benefit From Using the Circles?

The circles benefit men, women, the elderly, young people and those who have physical and mobility challenges.

People who excessively use their joints damage those joints and block the flow of energy, leading to health problems like tendonitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and frozen shoulder. Such people can heal theier conditions, or at least get relief, by exercising with the circles.

The elderly normally suffer from stiff joints and muscles and usually have mobility problems.
They can benefit immensely from the use of the rings.

People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease have benefited from the rings so far and they continue to benefit.

Some people suffer from chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hip, knees and ankles due to poor posture. Such people habitualy sit in poor posture for a long time and change their anatomy resulting in postural misalignment and muscle imbalance. The result is constant pain. Targetted exercises with the Smovey can eliminate muscle imbalance and misalignment in the main weight bearing joints.

People who have been hurt in a trauma sometimes lose mobility even when there is no physical reason for the loss. That is because the energy of the trauma is trapped in the nervous system, blocking the flow of energy. The rings can help such people by bringing back energy flow and unlocking that energy. Here is what one trauma counselor said:

The vibrations are enormously soothing to the nervous system, whether an individual is in a hyper or hypo state, and bring him or her to a state of balance and calm pretty quickly. The rings are smooth and slick, and they appear to guide movement and promoting awakening, opening and postural stability. The Smovey vibrations also facilitate a mindful awareness and connection to the body’s internal sensations which is key in all trauma healing. In particular the vibrations regulate the autonomic nervous system to a state of equilibrium and homeostatis. Taruno Steffensen.

Smovey Benefits:
  • Improves the immune system
  • Reduces the symptoms of illnesses
  • Vitalizes over 100 million cells in the body
  • Smovey activates 97% of the body’s muscles
  • Accelerates your metabolism, Fights cellulite
  • Strengthens the heart and the cardiovascular system

You do not need to have pain, mobility or any other problem to benefit from the rings. If you are a fitness enthusiast and you fancy the rings you can simply buy them and enjoy working out with them to reverse any effects of poor posture. The constant flow of energy in your body might prevent the incidence of problems.

How to Workout Using the Smovey

There are many ways of working out using the rings. It’s all a matter of creativity on the part of the user. You can use it when you go out for a walk, when you jog, or when you perform exercises indoors. You can even use it as a massage tool for tired and sore muscles. So there is no limit to what you can do with it. You can visit YouTube to watch a video that shows you some of the many ways of working out with the rings.

The designer of the Smovey built into the gadget ability to increase levels of fitness, relief and happiness by stimulating the mind and the body. This can be done in an enjoyable way withouth heavy lifting and/or impact training. If you have certain pains and challenges in your muscles, joints and the skeleton, it is time for you to try the Smovey.