What can you do if you cannot get over a breakup and keep failing to manage new relationships? Or if you cannot get over the loss of a parent or some other loved one? Of if you suffer from fears, anger and past hurts that affect your ability to function at your maximum capability?

The answer is cord cutting, a form of emotional healing!

We are part physical (visible body) and part energy (invisible bodies, the aura and the chakras). A lot of things happen in life that have a long term impact on our lives at energy level.

<strong>It can be:</strong><strong>

  • A messy divorce or a terrible break up.
  • Abandonment by (or loss of) a parent or parent-figure at a young age.
  • Physical or emotional abuse at the hands of an older person or partner.
  • A deed that creates a constant sense of guilt and shame that cripples us.
  • A fight or disagreement at work or in business or with a friend that ends badly.
  • Constant criticism by a parent or teacher during childhood that leads to low self-esteem.
  • Hurts by a spouse that create bad energy and trust issues and affect how we behave now.
  • An embarrassing incident during childhood that causes anxiety or fear of public speaking in adulthood.
  • A traumatic experience such as violence or an accident or a natural disaster that takes away our loved ones.

It can be very difficult to recover and forget the incident or the person or the place. In some cases the incident is forgotten but at sub-conscious level it keeps triggering certain behavior problems that mess up our lives. It becomes very difficult to move on and enjoy life. The problem is that at energy level we are very much attached, through etheric cords, to the person or incident or place that affected us deeply some time in the past.

What are Etheric Cords?

Etheric cords are bundles of energy, empowering or disempowering, that attach us to other people and to our environment. They form as a result of incidents that cause emotional responses in us. Etheric cords that form after a painful incident affect our lives negatively.

These cords, that tie us to the past, are as real and as strong, if not stronger, than visible physical cords. They create a feeling of strain or stress for some people, a sense of obligation that can lead to codependency for others and even obsessive behavior.

<strong>You have unhealthy etheric cords if you:

  • Have anger issues.
  • Feel stuck in a relationship.
  • Keep repeating a certain unhealthy behavior pattern.
  • Keep mourning a loved one who passed away many years ago.
  • Feel drained or obligated by a current relationship or situation.
  • Have a certain fear or phobia that you may be unable to explain.
  • Have the same relationship problems with one person after another.
  • Feel sad or depressed each time you think of a particular past incident.
  • Hold on to grudges for hurts that happened a long time ago and cannot forgive.

The etheric cords could have developed in this life or in a past life and they affect your life at subconsicous level, causing problems at work, in business, in relationships and other areas.

In the visible world, you would definitely seek help to cut any cords that bind you. Reiki cord cutting is required too for the invisible etheric cords. It is an emotional healing method used by energy healers to cut off energy-draining cords. It eliminates the cords and enables you to finally let go and move on positively, making progress.

Do Not Cut the Cords Yourself

Reiki cord cutting must be done properly by a person who understands the nature of the cords and knows how to cut them. If you cut the cords yourself, then the cords‘ roots remain and grow stronger cords, creating new problems such as pain on the site of the cut-off cord. It is better to ask a trained and intuitive energy healer to assist you.

Reiki Cord Cutting

A Reiki practitioner is one of the people best equipped to perform Reiki cord cutting. As in most healing sessions, it’s just you and the practitioner in the healing room for about 60 minutes. When you go for such a session, be prepared to let go of any past issues. You are not required to reveal your past hurts or mistakes to the practitioner so there is no need for you to be nervous about the session.

As the practitioner cuts the cords, you may feel a number of sensations in your body. Some people feel a sense relief or relaxation.

The Effects of Reiki Cord Cutting

Reiki cord cutting sets you free at energy, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. After the session you will realise that difficult issues fade away from your conscious mind and even out of memory. You find that you forgive people who caused you pain and you become happier. Your emotional health improves, you become more peaceful and you are better able to form better relationships with other people.

Cutting the cord with a person that you are related to right now, such as a spouse of a parent, releases unhealthy or disfunctional attachments that exist between you and that person. As a result, the past deed that caused problems is released and it no longer affects you. You manage to create boundaries or enjoy a better relationship with the person. You set yourself free and you never again suffer emotionally, physically or mentally.

If you have a problem that has created an unhealthy pattern in your life, you need to set yourself free. Schedule a cord cutting session with your Reiki practitioner so that you can let go of all the cords that are tying you down. The service can also be provided through distance healing so you can get it in the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient to you.

Length: 60 minutes
Price: 50 €