Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality that originated in Japan. It is effected through the “laying of hands“ transmitting extra energy to a person. It is based on the knowledge that  we are alive because“life force energy“ flows through us and that a part of the body becomes diseased when the “life force energy“ is blocked in that area.

The word “Reiki“ is composed of two words:

“Rei“ (God’s wisdom or higher power)
 “Ki“ (Life force energy)

Reiki therapy is therefore spiritually guided life force energy. It is useful for the relief of stress, for emotional, mental and physical healing. It is natural, safe, gentle, non-evasive, simple and very effective.

What is Reiki Distance Healing?

We are all part of one energy system which is why we can use reiki to heal an unwell person with energy. Because we are all part of one whole, distance does not matter. reiki practitioner can heal a person who is distant as effectively as they can heal a person who is close. That is what Reiki distance healing is. Some people prefer to call it absentee healing beccause the word “distance“ may imply separation even though we are all one.

A person can be in the same city, same country, another country or even overseas and a Reiki distance healer can still send healing effectively.

How Reiki Distance Healing Works

Reiki is transmitted through symbols with special technique. One of the symbols is the distance symbol which, when invoked during the healing session, enables the practitioner to send healing energy across time and space. The symbol can be used to clear energy blockages in the body or to cleanse certain neighborhoods or geographical places.

During the distance healing session, the symbol connects the practiotioner to the patient’s energy. Most practitioners use the patient’s photograph as a link object. Other practitioners simply need to know the geographical location of the patient and they can send the healing energy there through the power of the mind.

The only requirement for distance healing is that the patient be in a receptive mood by going into meditation or by lying down. That means the practitioner and the patient must set up a time that is mutually convenient. Before the session the patient sends her picture, full name, age, location and an indication of their intention for the session (a challenge, healing of a health issue, etc.). If the practitioner and the patient have never met, the practitioner uses this information to connect to the patient.

The Reiki distance healing session usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes but it can be longer if that is necessary. Every case is different.

What the Patient Might Experience During a Healing session

In the same way that a patient receiving the laying of hands will feel something, the one receiving distance healing will also feel something. The patient might feel tingling, pain relief, warmth, a sense of relaxation, peacefulness, happiness, etc. Another patient may feel nothing but that does not make the healing session less effective. Every patient is different and will react to the energy in their unique way.

Benefits of Reiki Distance Healing

There are many benefits of Reiki distance healing. People who receive distance healing usually report to their practitioners afterwards that they feel:

<strong>Benefits of Reiki Distance Healing:

  • They can sleep better
  • Less stressed at work
  • Less anxious in certain situations
  • Relief from symptoms of menopause
  • An increased total sense of well-being
  • Relief from grief, depression or sadness
  • A sense that their healing is taking place faster
  • That their immune system has become stronger
  • Much better physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Calmer during situations that used to bother them
  • More energized even though they used to suffer from fatigue
  • That their mind is clearer and they become better at decision making
  • Pain relief from surgical wounds, arthritis, headaches, backache and other painful problems

These are just a few examples. There is no limit to what Reiki distance healing can do for a patient.

Who is Reiki Distance Healing Good For?

Reiki distance healing is very convenient for people who cannot travel for a healing session such as bed ridden patients or people who live far from their practitioner. Because Reiki distance healing is very safe, it is good for all people, including children and the elderly. Some people request it for their pets or for larger animals such as horses when they are sick physically or when they are going through emotional problems. Actually animals suffer from the same problems as people and they do benefit in a similar manner.

Reiki Distance Healing for Inharmonious Situations

Everything is energy and when there is disharmony at work or at home, the negative energy can stagnate and perpertuate problems.

<strong>Reiki distance healing can be requested for situations:

  • At home to infuse the household with positive healing energy after bereavement, divorce or a long illness
  • At home or at work to create a positive setting for a pending legal case at court
  • At home when parents are struggling with an errand teeanager
  • At the place of busines to achieve “financial freedom“ to be more successful in winning a contract
  • At the place of work when there is a problem that may lead to job loss

There is no limit to what situation Reiki distance healing can support. If you feel that you need help in any situation, you can book a number of sessions.


Reiki distance healing is a very effective form of therapy that you can receive without the hassle of visiting the practitioner. Once you request it, you can receive Reiki Distance Healing without stopping what you are doing or without leaving your house. You can get it even when you are sleeping or when you are driving. You can also request healing for a loved one, a pet, your home, your business, your work or any challenge. Whenever you have an emotional, physical or mental problem, request Reiki distance healing.

Length: 30 minutes
Price: 25 €