The Tibetan Singing Bowl, also known as the Himalayan Bowl or the healing bowl or the chakra bowl is a “standing bell” that produces amazing sound. Like a bell, sound is produced by hitting the side of the bowl with a wooden mallet. When you run the mallet around the bowl – with slight pressure – a pure tone rises. That is when the bowl is said to sing and that is the origin of the name. The “singing” sound is amazing! It is a powerful long-lasting harmonic hum that affects body, mind and spirit.

The Tibetan Singing Bowl originated in the Himalaya region of India, Tibet and China but no one is sure exactly when people started making bowls though it is suspected that they predate Buddhism.

The bowl is made out of high quality bronze (tin and copper) which is sometimes combined with other metals for different sound effects. Bowls come in different sizes and each one has its own specific frequency. Therefore they are selected for specific purposes. Bowls are used throughout the world today to help in meditation, religious practice, music therapy, relaxation and healing.

Using the Tibetan Singing Bowl for Healing

News of crime, war, natural disasters, poverty and terrorism, religious teaching of impending doom, the rushed life, over-work, past trauma and past pain are all locked up in the body as negative energy. That negative energy is stuck in the cells and will not move on its own and it reduces the vibration of the body. It causes emotional, mental and physical illness. Fortunately we can heal ourselves by releasing the stuck negative energy using sound healing. That is where the Tibetan Singing Bowl comes in.

In sound healing, the bowl is either played around the patient or it is placed on the body of the patient. The effect is to activate the chakras, to balance the energy systems and to relax body and mind.

How Sound Healing Works

The vagus nerve is in charge of hearing. It begins in the brain, connects to the inner and outer eardrum, then it meanders through the thoracic and abdominal cavities and ends in the anus. It regulates the functions of heart, lungs, liver, stomach, kidneys and many other organs.

When the Tibetan Singing Bowl is struck during a session, the vagus nerve helps the beautiful and positive sound to vibrate through the entire body at cellular level. (Delamora).

In the process, it washes out stagnant energy of stress, fear, hate, past hurts, etc. and raises the vibration of the whole body to what is normal. The effect is to heal the emotional body and sometimes, the recipients of the energy cry as they release buried feelings. Because all the bodies are connected, healing of the emotional body brings healing of the physical body.

After sound therapy with the Tibetan Singing Bowl:

  • The body releases all tension, stress is reduced and body and mind relax.
  • Anxiety and depression are relieved. (Tamara and others, 2016).
  • Blood pressure goes down. (Landry, 2014).
  • The left brain and the right brain are balanced.
  • The recipient recovers fast from past trauma and illnesses.
  • The healed person copes better with challenges.
  • The healed person experiences increased vitality and energy and begins to make positive life changes.
  • Blood circulation is improved.
  • The immune system is stronger.
  • The chakras are balanced by the correcting frequencies, leading to correction of the endocrine glands associated with the chakras. (Jevon Vänģeli).
  • Hormones are in better balance. (Rainbow Vibrations).
  • Pain goes away. The Deepak Chopra Center in California uses the Tibetan Singing Bowl combined with chanting for pain relief and healing. They say the combined energy is metabolized into internal painkillers and healing agents. (Jevon Vänģeli).

Cancer Healing

The Tibetan Singing Bowl is now being used for the treatment of cancer. Mainstream medical teaching schools like the University of North Carolina and Duke University have added programs that connect body, mind and spirit to the treatment of cancer, including the bowls. Also, cancer prevention centers use sound as part of the healing process with amazing results. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York, has been using the Tibetan Singing Bowl and chanting to treat cancer patients. (Jevon Vänģeli).

Meditation with the Tibetan Singing Bowl

The sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowl has been used for thousands of years in the Far East for meditation and stress relief. The goal is for the sound to relax body and mind and lead listeners into a quiet state of consciousness and then into deep meditation. The sound and energy open up the spiritual portals and enable the participants to achieve higher states of vibration.

You might want to attend a guided meditation session, also known as a sound bath, so that you experience how the bowl works without having to play it yourself. However, if you play the bowl yourself for meditation, tap the bowl with the mallet. Then concentrate on the pulses of sound as they gradually become quieter. That is the best way to bring the mind into a focused and quiet state. The moment you stop perceiving the sound is the moment of release from the external world to enter the spiritual world. There you can connect witht the higher self and either gain inspiration or achieve enlightenment. Continued meditation with singing bowl lead to better intuition, creativity and motivation.

Balancing the Chakras

A guided meditation session can use anything from 10 to 40 bowls. The types selected depend on which chakra is being targetted. If grounding is the goal, the bowls selected resonate with the C note which affects the base chakra. If the goal is to open the heart chakra, the bowls selected resonate with the F note. Nothing is random with singing bowls. It’s all a matter of using certain frequencies to achieve certain goals.


With all these amazing benefits, the Tibetan Singing Bowl is obviously a wonderful tool to have on hand for daily relaxation, meditation and healing. If you do not have one, and you have a health problem that won’t go away, you can attend a singing bowl session with a healing practitioner either in a group or one to one.




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