You want to live happily. You want to enjoy life. That would truly make life meaningful. However, when you get up, bath, eat, go to work, get stuck in the traffic, struggle with issues at work, go home to face family issues, work until late at night, sleep and get up to go through the whole cycle again, you just wonder if life is really worth it. When you lose the horrible job and you struggle financially, you really question the meaning of life. You are not alone if you have ever wondered, “What is the meaning of life?” Are we here to go to school, work hard for over 40 years, raise children, get sick in the process and die? You are right if you believe that there is more to life.

Who Are We?

What is the meaning of life? First we should answer the question, who are we? The truth that the majority of humanity has forgotten, and therefore we are never taught, is that we are spiritual beings having a physical life experience. No one tells us that we are individualisations of the Divine Principle or Infinite Spirit or Creative Mind (mostly known as God) and we are here to be the best expressions of It.

So, we are not aware that the purpose of each lifetime on earth is to grow into godhood which is our true nature and we have a role to play in the spiritual advancement of the whole culture.

As a result, we live the way we are raised

We live to please our physical appetite and our need for fame and wealth. We pursue professions in the hope that they will bring us the desired feelings of importance and wealth. Then we are disappointed when we graduate from college with a lot of debt, struggle to find a job and when we find it, it is very frustrating and not fulfilling. We are raised to believe the happy-ever-after stories of love only to find relationships to be difficult and disappointing. That is why we keep wondering what is the meaning of life.

In truth, we are not bringing meaning into our lives if we live only as physical beings, pursuing physical pleasure, seeking physical solutions for our problems and illnesses and accumulating things to the exclusion of spiritual growth. We are misguided if we raise our kids as physical beings only, providing them with a home, clothes, food, toys and schooling without cultivating awareness of their spiritual nature. We are lost if we worry only about the economy, financial lack and bodily illnesses without worrying at all about our spiritual well-being. That is why we do not know what is the meaning of life.

You Can Find Out What is the Meaning of Life

Steve Jobs said,
The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

Despite what you learnt at college and the work that you are doing now, which you probably do not enjoy, you have a life purpose. If your current work is a struggle and brings you nothing but pain, then it is not your life purpose.

You have a role to play in each lifetime as your way of expressing the Divine. Your work was born with you, that is why you are unique and completely different from your parents, siblings and everyone else. Fulfil the purpose for which you came into this lifetime, and you will begin to know what is the meaning of life.

You cannot ignore your life’s work and hope that someone else will do it for you. No one can do your work exactly the way you would do it. It is your life purpose and you will express yourself best when you find it. It will be effortless and your life will begin to flow. How do you find out what your life purpose is? Well, what pulls at your heart? What is it that gives you joy when you do it? Go into meditation and really dig deep down into your heart. Once you find it, begin to do it slowly, even as a hobby, and grow from there. If it is your life purpose, it will be effortless and it will bring you joy and wealth.

There is More

When you find your main life purpose, you will discover that there are other purposes that you have fulfill as well for your work to be complete.

  • Know yourself. You are more than your body. Seek knowledge of who and what you are with all your strength and with all your mind. Then live according to your new-found knowledge.
  • Accept yourself. There is a purpose behind your nationality, race, tribe, gender, parents, family, strengths and weaknesses. Never worry about it or blame anyone for this.
  • Share Your Love. The greatest law is love. Love yourself, love your family and friends, and love everyone that you associate with. Other people will follow naturally till love becomes an epidemic around you.
  • Choose to serve and give in small ways. You can make a huge difference in the lives of others.
  • Be the Light. The soul is seen as light through the spiritual eye. Follow the truth always and your light will shine brighter. Inspire admiration in others so that they too begin to seek the light.
  • Be wise. Pursue wisdom for its own sake and serve others from a position of wisdom.
  • Enjoy life. With childlike simplicity and joy, wonder at the beauty and richness of life.
  • Co-create with the Divine. Once you know what your life purpose is, boldly decide to pursue it and move toward that dream with a powerful vision. Act likewise for any desire that arises in your heart.
  • Grow spiritually. Meditate daily. Trust your inner voice which is the Infinite Spirit speaking to you. Once you master listening to Inner Guidance, you achieve greater inspiration for everything that you do.
  • Live in the Present. Your personal power is in the present moment. Never dwell on the past or worry about the future. Simply find joy, focus and engagement in every present activity.

Joy is the ultimate purpose of life

Life will only have meaning when you find joy and happiness. If you can pursue your main life purpose and the above sub-purposes, you will automatically maximise your joy and peace and then wealth will follow.

Becoming the instrument of the Divine by loving unconditionally, and serving others whenever you can, is another way to find joy.

The other way is to find out, and avidly learn, the implications of your spiritual nature. Then live in your new spiritual consciousness.

These three ways together form the threefold way to bliss. Then your life will have total meaning every moment.